Review Policy

Frequently Asked Questions and Information

How do I get my item reviewed/posted in Hurry Up Change Blog?

~ Currently in need of Urban or Street Style  Mesh clothing & accessories to blog ~

Review Policy 

Creators/Designers want me to review your items?

  • If your sending a item(s)  please be sure to include a notecard with your SL Name… NOT display name, Store Name, info about the product and if available vendor posters/ad/textures about the product. (ex. fatpack ad showing all the colors available.)  Not all items/colors maybe posted but a ad poster might be added along with the blog picture.
  • Although I enjoy many styles. I reserve the right to blog the things I choose and that fits my style & blog. I cannot guarantee to feature the item(s).
  • I will get to the item(s) as soon as possible. Please be patient. Thanks! I have much respect for the Creators/Designers and I will do my best to blog your items with quality pictures and style in a timely fashion.
  • If you have any questions, concerns.. find errors about your item posted please contact Purz Nirvana in World Second Life. If I am offline please send a NC as my IMs usually get capped.

I appreciate all your items!!  Thank You!


Again I like many styles and fashion in general and I don’t like to narrow my self down to only certain styles but I do have my favorites. I am always interested in trying new things. I do believe each person, blogger and artist has their own style.  And why not..   we tend to blog and wear the things we like most and enjoy. Oh and don’t forget the things we look best in.   😀

I am also active on FlickR and have a pro account there. I am able to add my photos in up to 60 groups. I feel Flickr plays an important role in blogging.  My FlickR.

A little bit about me….   I’ve been in SL awhile now. I enjoy the fashion and different styles here.  My hobbies include blogging, photo art, meeroos, combat and role play. Often you can find me in a combat or role play sim. I think some of my style derives from that.


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