Outfit: QE @ Bewbapalooza  – Dystopia (with appliers) Top, Skirt, stockings, belts, shoulder pads & boots etc

Piercings: Pomposity – Gemstones Dimple Piercings

Septum: Pomposity – Septum Piercing 2B Rare (gacha)  ~ In store soon


Skin: Deetalez

Hair: Magika

Body: Maitreya

Hands: Slink

Collar: Etham

Blush, Pomposity & More!



Bodysuit: My Angie Body – Purple, w/appliers – Blush @ The Big Show

Necklace: Rolled Link Necklace – w/metal color change – Pomposity

Bellychain: Rolled Link Belly Chain/belt – w/metal color change – Pomposity

Nose Piercings: Gemstone Nosestud Left – – Pomposity


Hair: RedMint – 19’14

Body: Maitreya (Lara Mesh Body)

Hands: SLink (elegant)

Skin: DeetaleZ

Lipstick: Angelica

Nail Polish: ZoZ

Eyes: Song




Sweater: My Sweater – Chocolate, (30 colors available) mesh – Alterego

Boots: Sovereign boots – w/hud  – Alterego

Leggings: Leggings 1 – w/phatazz appliers – Sweet Evil on Marketplace

Panties: Lace Panties  – black, w/phatazz appliers – Sweet Evil on Marketplace


Hair: Little Bones

Body: Maitreya (lara mesh body)

Skin: DeetaleZ @ Uber ~ exclusive

Hands: SLink (elegant)

Necklace: Eudora @ TMD

LOTD 12/29/14




Hair: Lila Hoodie – Pack C – Catwa ~ new

Skin: mayumi II 14 – honey – gacha, appliers available at Mainstore  – Alterego @ OMGacha ~ Opens Jan 10th 2015 

**(See Gacha Key and more info below)

Top: Shredded Top – Black, w/appliers – SexZ @ Going Bust!

Tattoo: Leech – Fresh, w/appliers – Inhale @ The Showroom

Piercing: Shattered Septum – Datum

Jewelry set: Inverted Duel Link Jewelry Set – Pomposity

Socks: Little legs – Stripes, for Slink Mid feet – DRBC @ Merry Crisis Gacha Faire ~ Until Jan 3rd

Panties: Graffiti Collection Panties Black – MoDanna

Rose: Black Long Rose – RARE, gacha – Catwa @ Room69 ~ Jan 1st – 20th


Hands: SLink (elegant)

Feet: SLink (mid)

Breast: Lola’s (tango)




** Alterego   **Maliyah II Skins –

skins are transfer inside the machines & 100L to play,
there are 4 RARES included & the entire fatpack is ULTRA RARE!

these skins are not sold in store as is and will not be taken out of the machine
after the event. all appliers are sold inside the store sep & you can add
to your notes – the Maitreya Body Appliers are out & the Omega Appliers are
coming soon – no eta!

Mayumi II Skins –

skins are transfer inside the machines & 100L to play,
there are 4 RARES included & the entire fatpack is ULTRA RARE!

Skins include:
2 brow options – black & no brow
2 Cleavage options – With & Without
No bits version {no nip & no vagina}
1 option no nip
1 option no vagina

these skins are not sold in store as is and will not be taken out of the machine
after the event. all appliers are sold inside the store sep & you can add
to your notes – we will be adding the skin applier for the Maitreya Lara Body & skin appliers
for Omega soon!


Going Bust!

Dec 28th – Jan 11th

Cleavage/Going Bust! Blog –

Going Bust is a special monthly sales event at Cleavage, running from the 28th of the month for a full 2 week period. Participating designers will place a specially-priced item along the sidewalk of the Going Bust square for the duration of the event. Items are priced at no more than 100L, and are often sold for considerably less.




Necklaces:  Tyrell & Stark Token Long & Short Chain – Kitty Moon @ Token of Highgarden Dec 13th – Jan 3rd

Dress: Midnight Lotus Dress – w/appliers – Jelly @ Cleavage Celebrates 2 Years Event 

Bracelets & Rings: Lights Bracelets & Rings – Grey – Alterego ~ new

Nails: Long square nails for slink elegant hands – Purple Candy  ~ new

Heels: Rihanne Heels – w/20 colors hud & for SLink High feet – Purple Candy ~ new


Hair: Truth @ Uber

Hands: SLink (elegant)

Feet: SLink (high)

Eyes: Chop Shop

Skin: Essences




Corset: Adreena corset w/hud – DRBC @ Horrorfestive ~ until Dec 18th only

Headband: Barbed Headband Onyx – Alterego ~ new

Nose Piericng: Toothfairy Septum – grey – Alterego ~ new

Bracelets & Rings: Lights Bracelets & Rings – Grey – Alterego ~ new

Necklace: Cross Necklace style2 – Alterego ~ new

Boots: Monster Stompers -w/8 textures hud – DRBC @ Horrorfestive ~ until Dec 18th only

Tattoo: Screw’d -N- Tattooed tat – w/appliers – Speakeasy @ Frost ~ Opens Dec. 13th


Hair: Little Bones

Skin: Essences

Hands: SLink (elegant)

Feet: SLink (high)

Eyes: Chop Shop

Lipstick: Random Matter


West End




Hat: Beanie – Brown – Inhale @ L’Atelier

Dress: Nova – Beige, with appliers – Purple Candy @ OMG Room until Nov. 17th

Belly Chain: Diamond Studded XOXO Belly Chain/Belt – Pomposity

Tattoo: West EndTattoo – faded, with appliers – Speakeasy


Skin: Essences

Breast: Lola’s Mirage

Hands: SLink relaxed

Azz: uLukie Ghetto Booty

Boots: Reign – group gift (250L to join group)

Piercings: Pekka

Hair: Spellbound @ Sad November






Top & Wings & Mask: Nocturna Top – leatherette – w/optional wings –  DRBC  @ Suicide Dollz 

Heels:  Succubus Stiletto – for SLink high feet – DRBC  @ Suicide Dollz 

Hair: Bianka v2 Lolas – hud 3 standard – Catwa ~new

Tattoo: Skin Canvas – with appliers – Speakeasy ~ Coming Soon to Sad November Event

Pants: My Leggings Skinny – Blush  @ Bloody Horror Fair

Necklace 2: Bling Short Necklace w/twinkle, unisex – Pomposity  @ Vintage & Cool Fair Oct. 10th – 24th

Eyebrows: Desert Rose brows – (gacha) – Inhale


Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Feet: SLink (high)

Ears: Mandala





Bodysuit: Chantel Latex – Black, with appliers – Purple Candy 

Tattoo: Bones Tattoo – with Slink Appliers – Inhale  @ This Is HallOoWeEn SCREAM  Event

Collar: Vendetta Collar – with & with RLV – Datum


Skin: Glam Affair @ Collador88

Hair: Lamb @ Collabor88

Bracelets: Blitzed

Boots w/socks: RedMint

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn

Belt: Yasum

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Breast: Lola’s (tango)

Azz: uLukie (ghetto booty)

Dia de los Muertos



Sweater: Adorbs Sweater – with appliers – Infliction @ Going Bust! 

Skirt:  Wool Skirt – Black, mesh –  VG Shoes

Boots: Eve Black – Boots – VG Shoes

Face Tattoo: Halloween Face Paint – Dia de los Muertos – Speakeasy @ Bloody Horror Fair ~ Oct 15th – Nov 5th

Hat: Spider Web – fatpak – Away

Choker: Vintage Macabe Choker – w/Hud, Rare (gacha)  – Kitty Moon @ Dark Twisted Fantasy ~ Opens Oct. 9th

Screen: Seven Deadly Screens – Lust – Rare – Kitty Moon @ Dark Twisted Fantasy ~ Opens Oct. 9th


Piercings: Hebenon Vial

Hair: Little Bones @ Fameshed

Skin: Al Vulo

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Breast: Lola’s Tango

Bag: Remarkable Oblivion

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard

Secret Garden



Corset: Secret Garden Corset – Blk & Red – DRBC 

Tattoo: In Bloom – Inhale @ The Showroom

Rings:  Large Cross Ring w/skull – Pomposity

Crown: Gothic XXX Crown – Pomposity


Skin: Essences

Hair: Little Bones @ Famished

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn

Stockings: Babydoll

Hands: Slink (relaxed)

Azz: uLukie

Collar: RedMint

Nip Tape: Luck Inc.




Hair: Daizy – Hud 3 – Catwa ~new

Outfit:  Chele – includes: top, shorts, boots & stockings, Ring – Indyra 


Purse: Le Primitif  – Eva Studded Bag @ TDR

Skin: Essences – Ingrid – Medium  @ TDR

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Glasses: L. Warwick ~ gift





Collar: Oblivion Collar – with & without RLV – Datum ~new

Tattoo: Cry For Me Tattoo – faded – with appliers- Speakeasy @ Kings & Queens II  Event until Sept 30th

***Shirt: Peek -a-boo Panda Top – w/appliers – Sugar Button Boutique  for The Hello Titty Hunt 4

Pants: Slim Pants – Denim Black – Chronokit

Phone: My Candy Pink Leo Phone – Blush ~new


Hair: Exile – Day the world went away @ Uber  ~ Note: does not come with hairbase

Skin: Al Vulo – Ewa

Makeup: Angelica – Dolly Makeup @ The Dressing Room

Bangles: Chary

Piercings: Hebenon Vial

Hands: SLink  (relaxed)


*** Hello Titty Hunt 4

Peek ~a~ Boo Edition

Sept. 1st  – 20th 2014

Sponsored by:  Big Boobie Babes ~ see webpage for more info.

My Heart




Bodysuit: My Heart Body – Pink, w/appliers (other colors available) – Blush ~ new

Necklace: Large Link Necklace – Pomposity

Bellychain: Oblong Chain Link Belly Chain w/heart – Pomposity

Breast: Cherry Bombs Breast – Fitted Mesh, V0.03  – The Succubus ~ new

Azz:  Big Booty – Thick Legs (mesh booty) – Banned 


Skin: Al Vulo – Past TDR skin

Purse: Zenith (gacha)

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Stockings: Lolita

Hair: Exile – GroupGift

Lipstick: The Sugar Garden (tsg)

Bracelets: Izze’s – Past TDR item