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whoreliptatposter1024x1024  – Whore Lip Tattoo Lipstick for Lelutka Mesh head

Hair: Magika

Head: Bento Lelutka Simone Mesh Head

Skin: DeetaleZ

Eyes: Chop Shop (above)






Tattoo: Twisted Nights Tattoo – w/appliers – Speakeasy

Skirt: Barely A Skirt – Black, w/phatazz appliers – Sweet Evil on Marketplace

Panties: Lace Panties – Black, w/phatazz appliers – Sweet Evil on Marketplace

Tummy PIercings: Hip Dermals – Sweet Evil on Marketplace

Nails: Pointy shiny nails for slink Elegant hands – Purple Candy


Stole1: (center) Nana

Stole2: Zenith (w/color hud) @ Uber

Horns: CerberusXing @ Uber

Arm Bracers:Dark Prophet Designs

Necklace: Lapointe& Bastchild

Boots:Lapointe& Bastchild

Skin: DeetaleZ @ Uber ~ exclusive

Body: Maitreya (Lara Mesh Body)

Hands: SLink (elegant)

Eyes: Ikon (group gift)

Hair: Truth







Reindeer Outfit by  ~ new

~ Naughty & Nice ~
Packed full of options and comes with many appliers.

Face tattoo (tattoo layer)
GagBall with resizer
Bell Collar with resizer & Jingles when you walk
Bell Collar with RLV (open collar) & Jingles when you walk
Prim, Mesh & Sculpty Parts ( Reindeer Pasties Items)
Classic Avatar Clothing & Underclothes Layers (Naughty & Nice)
Belt & Bracelets with resizer
Stocking Cuffs wtih resizer
Boots with Resizer
Pose Stand

Appliers included:
Ghetto Booty
Lena Lush Body
SLink (Feet, Physique)

Only available on SL Marketplace:




Tattoo: Speechless Tattoo – Unisex, w/appliers – Inhale @ 69 Room ~ until Dec. 20th

Skin: Maliyah – Almond,  w/appliers – Alterego 

Pose: Serpant Poses w/snake – Diesel Works


Hair: Truth – From Past Uber Event

Outfit: Sweet Lies Designs

Ears: Mandala

Breast: Lola’s (tango)







Tattoo: Little Dove – with appliers – Elska @ The Thrift Shop

Outfit: The Huntress Collection – Gacha – Aphorism @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~ until Nov 31st.

!APHORISM! Huntress Collection Gacha Key


Eye Makeup: Nox – Totem Shadow @ The Secret Affair

Hair: Soonsiki – Grind @ The Secret Affair

Shoulder Pads: Luas – Inferno Fur Shoulders Black RARE

Skin: Alterego ~ Maliyah ~new

Hairbase#2: KMadd – perfect

Ears: Mandala

Teeth: Deetalez

Hands: SLink

Feet: SLink


The Clockwork Spiral and DRBC



Outfit: Steamcraft Top & Skirt – DRBC   at The Clockwork Spiral Event  Sept. 15th – Oct. 1st 

All proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the National Kidney Foundation – the charity of choice for this event.

For more info visit here


Skin: Essences

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Hair: Spellbound – Hecate

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn

Shoes: FashionNatic – Felicity SLink Boots (SLink High)




Outfit: Philosophy  – Noir – Indyra  ~ new


Shoulder: Bite N Claw – Chained Pauldrons @ We Roleplay

Bag: May’s Soul – Boho Bag Black @ We Roleplay

Face Makeup: UtopiaH

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Feet: Slink (high)

Skin: Al Vulo

Hair: Runaway – Tara Hair ~new

Ears: Mandala

Lipstick: Random Matter

Poses: No Wow



These are the new Cherry Bombs Fitted Mesh Breasts!  They are fitted so no more having to adjust or move around. They use same appliers as Lola’s and also come with a kit to make your own appliers.  They also come with a few avatar physics so you can get your bounce on.   They are nicely shaped and the best part is you can use your sliders in appearance to adjust them!  Did I mention they look great with tattoos also?

Breast: Cherry Bombs Breast – Fitted Mesh, V0.03  – The Succubus ~ new

Skin: Viola Skin – Natural –  Doll Collection  – Fresh Face ~ new

other options: with cleavage, w/0 freckles, smaller breast, no cleavage

Implant Appliers available are: Phatazz, Lola’s Tango, Lola’s Delicq, SLink Hands & Feet, Perfect Bum, Lush


Hair: Exile – Collide

Ears: Mandala

Teeth: DeetaleZ

Lashes: Runaway




Crown: Wooden Tiara – Sky – Cubic Cherry Kre-ations  @ The Fantasy Room

Breast: Cherry Bombs Breast – Fitted Mesh, V0.03  – Cherry Bombs  ~ new


Outfit: Sweet Lies – Soona Black Outfit –  @ The Fantasy Room

Hair: Spellbound – Warrior

Skin: Al Vulo

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Feet: SLink (High)

Ears: Mandala

Piercings: Suicide Unborn

Out Of This World



Outfit: Ladiga – Sci fi dress black/lolas – MAAI  @ Lubbly Jubblies  ~ until July 13th


Hair: Zion

Skin: Essences

Breast: Lola’s

Ears: Mandala


Lubbly Jubblies Sales Event

13th Round

June 15th – July 13th 2014

Held at Cleavage Sim in world Second Life

Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly sales event held at the Cleavage region to provide new and exclusive items for the implant community. The event will run from the 15th to the 13th of the month in the building across from Lolas!

a implant friendly monthly sales event

Dragon Heart




Hair:  Wicked Dreads – White, Rare- Dark Prophet Designs/DPD at  the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Face Straps: Morpheus FaceStraps -Rare – Axix at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Tattoo: Morpheus Tattoo 6 – Axix   at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival 

Collar:Eirich Collar Mixed Ultra-Rare – A Master’s Eye/ AME    at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Shoulder Pads: Freyja  Shoulder Silver – SP at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Shirt :  Leather Tunic – White, Rare – Aphorism  at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Arm Bracers: DHeart Bracer – Black, Rare – Swagga  at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Shoes: Femme’s Treads – Leather A Epic – Stitched Gods  at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Poses w/bow & arrow Prop: She’s A Badass Bitch Poses – Rack Poses at the  Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Skin: Al Vulo

Ears: Mandala


Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival  (blog)


Located on Acerbus Sim ~  May 4th – June 3rd 2014






Hat: Fur Hat w/horns  – Goat, UltraRare –  Little Tasta at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pet: Familiar Spirit Bunneh – RARE – aii    at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Body Tattoo: Togruta Tattoo – Demonic  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Face Tattoo: Hunted – Face tattoo – Demonic at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pants: White Japants –  med, Rare – aii     at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival  

Hooves: Fawn Hoofies – Grey –  uLukie  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Bag: Sachtel  – black – PFC  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Backpack: Woodman’s Pack  – PFC  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Skin:  Skins – Noeme – Fantasy – Natural – Scales – Bite & Claw  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival  


Hands: SLink

Piercings: Ellabella

Shirt: Line  (not sure still available)

Eyes: Chop Shop

Hair: Chemistry


Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival  (blog)


Located on Acerbus Sim ~  May 4th – June 3rd 2014

Dark Swan


Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival  (blog)


Located on Acerbus Sim ~  May 4th – June 3rd 2014



Outfit: Dark Swan – Luas   at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival  

                      Arm Armor – black, RARE

     Belt – black, RARE

                 Pauldrons – black, RARE

          Crown – black, RARE

(Gacha Key Above: Click to enlarge)


Skin: Al Vulo

Hair: Monso @ FaMeshed

Ears: Mandala

Piercings: Suicide Unborn

Breast: Lola’s


Hear Me Roar!









Top & Skirt: Furred&Frilled – RARE – Munereia  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~ Starting May 4th 2014

Accessories: Leg straps, belt, arm, sleeve & shoulder – Forest -Black, UltraRARE – Teri  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~ Starting May 4th 2014

Tattoo: Warpaints Gacha – Tribal 6 RARE –  Bite & Claw  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~ Starting May 4th 2014

Piercings: Ova Piercings – w/metal change hud –   Cute Poison

Shape: Reborn Shape –  on Marketplace

Poses: Hear Me Roar!, Poses #1, #4 & #6 – includes weapon props, Commons – Nantra Poses  at  Fantasy Gacha Carnival ~ Starting May 4th 2014


Skin: Al Vulo @ TDR

Hair: Emo-tions ~ new

Feet: SLink (high)

Swag: Purz Nirvana 😉



(Gacha Key: Below, Click to Enlarge)


Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival  (blog)


Located on Acerbus Sim Opens May 4th – June 3rd 2014

Only a few hours away!!    \o/   yay!