New Round Going Bust!



New Round of Going Bust! Starts today!

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Going Bust is a special monthly sales event at Cleavage, running from the 28th of the month for a full 2 week period. Participating designers will place a specially-priced item along the sidewalk of the Going Bust square for the duration of the event. Items are priced at no more than 100L, and are often sold for considerably less.

Participating shops can vary, but the following shops have committed to bringing you these specially priced items month after month:






Hair – Left to Right:

1 – Selma Beanie – all colors– Catwa ~ gift

2- Cara Beanie – pak c, Lola’s compatible – Catwa ~ new

3- Clara Beanie – pak c – Catwa ~ new

Sweaters: Kandi Christmas Swearters – Purple, Teal, Pink (shown) w/appliers – Pretty Liar @ Cleavage Celebrates 2 Years Event!

(contains: Purple, teal, pink & blue)


Skin: Pink Fuel – Dollv2

Piercings: Suicidal Unborn

Lashes: Runaway

Breast: Lola’s (tango)

Ears: Mandala


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Cleavage Celebrates 2 Years Event!

Lubbly Jubblies Starts Today!

Today Starts New Round of Lubbly Jubblies!

Lubbly Jubblies is a implant friendly monthly sales event at the Cleavage Sim. 

 Event Info: 

Lubbly Jubblies

Round 18

Nov 15th – Dec 13th 2014

Official Blog

Lubbly Jubblies  -  Montly Event

Lubbly Jubblies – Montly Event


Lubbly Jubblies Logo FINAL


Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly sales event held in the Cleavage building across fromLolas! providing new and exclusive items for the implant community. Our sponsors for this round  sexZ, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Anymore Store, Barely Legal Couture, Forever Young and ViSion – S&F, along with 14 additional shops have brought you some amazing designs which you can see below.

The current round is OPEN NOW and will run through noon on October 13th. Happy Shopping!

Lubbly Jubblies

Sept 15th  – Oct 13th 2014

Official Blog

Going Bust!

Ok for all of you that don’t know about the Going Bust Sale at Cleavage. There have been a few changes to the event. Going Bust is now a Monthly Event that starts on the 28th of every month and lasts for 2 weeks.  Items are priced at no more than 100L, and are often sold for considerably less. The items use to be in each store but now the event has a central location.

Going Bust!

Implant/Appliers  Friendly Event

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Outfit: Xana Deep Blue – w/appliers – Purple Candy @ Going Bust!

Shoes: Sandy – Cheeta Heels, Requires SLink High Feet – Purple Candy

Necklace: Split Long Handcuff Necklace -3 cuffs w/key – Pomposity @ District 5

Piercings: Ova Piercings – Cute Poison


Hair: Moon

Breast: Lola’s Tango

Hands: SLink

Feet: SLink High

Bracelets: Chary

Lipstick: Random Matter

Teeth: DeetaleZ

Glasses: Redgrave


The Boobies Planet

Round #29

July 31st – Aug 13th 2014

Implant friendly Sales Event



Bodysuit: Candyland – w/appliers –  Purple Candy @ The Boobies Planet  Round#29

Necklace: D20 Lucky Roll Necklace Gacha – Kitty Moon  @  Gimme Gimme Gacha 

Shoes:  Coco Black – for SLink High feet –  VG Shoes

Breast: Cherry Bombs Breast – Fitted Mesh, V0.03  – The Succubus ~ new

Azz:  Big Booty – Thick Legs (mesh booty) – Banned 

Skin: Viola – Snow, Dollface Collection  – Implant appliers available – Fresh Face


Glasses: Redgrave

Pierecings: Suicidal Unborn

Hair: Taketomi

Hands & Feet: SLink   (relaxed & high)

Ears: Mandala

(below – click to view normal size image)

Gimme Gimme Gacha 

Aug. 1st – 31st 2014

La Vie




Skin: Nora Skin – Snow, Doll Collection, many appliers available –  Fresh Face ~ new

Shape: Nora Shape – mod  –  Fresh Face ~ new

Outfit: La Vie – Blush – Mini Skirt shown, w/flowers headband Indyra  ~ new


Hair: aisling @ A Seasons Story

Teeth: DeetaleZ

Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Feet: SLink (high)

Lashes: Runaway

Take Out

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Outfit: TankNShorts – Trouble, w/breast appliers –  SexZ  for Going Bust Sidewalk Sale

Glasses: Rockabilly Glasses – Cute Poison

Breast: Cherry Bombs Breast – Fitted Mesh, V0.03  – The Succubus ~ new


Hair w/Hat: Taketomi – Kira, Dessin  @ The Seasons Story

Bag: Art Eco Bag – Love, gacha – VCO @ The Seasons Story

Socks: Suicidal Unborn – Striped Tube Socks – light grey

 Hands: SLink (relaxed)

Piercings: Against the Stream – Hebenon Vial (HV)

Shoes: Akeyo – Roboots ~ new

Bracelets: Diamante –  Black & Silver Leather Bangles

Lipstick: tsg – Sparkle Lips – nude

Skin: Essences


Going Bust is a sidewalk sale that runs Thursday – Monday every other week.  Its Located on the  Cleavage Sim .. a implant friendy sim 🙂   Participating designers place a specially-priced item right outside their shop. Items are priced at no more than 100L, and are often sold for considerably less.

New Round: July 17th – July 21st 2014

Implant/Appliers  Friendly Event

More info:  BlogFlickrFB




Hair w/tiera : DancingQueen mixed pack b –  LollipopZ @ Hair Fair 2014

Skin: Clover – Snow, Doll Collection – Fresh Face ~new

Breast: Cherry Bombs Breast – Fitted Mesh, V0.03  – The Succubus ~ new


Piercings: Suicide Unborn – Lilith Piercings

Teeth: DeetaleZ

Top: Le Forme