Lazy Day

The Boobies Planet

Discount Room  ~taxi~

Dedicated to breast implant community
Clothes and Skins with appliers from 40L to 80L
Bi- weekly event
Round 21th from Feb 23rd – March 4th 2014



Top & Pants: Just Lazy V2 –  w/Lola’s applier –  FC Designs  at The Boobies Planet

Shoes:  Luscious – Valentine, requires SLink medium feet –  L. Warwick

Ottoman:  Elvira Ottoman – Cerise/Black, w/12 poses – Diesel Works ~new


Hair: Liquence

Skin: Essences

Breast: Lola’s Tango

Feet: SLink

Ears: Mandala

Piercings: Suicide Unborn

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