Outfit: Fur & Chains – Black Bear, Silver –  Haste   at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Scarf: Fur Stole – Pitch, RARE – Stitched   at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Arrows: Elven quiver – Black, RARE – Pucca Firecaster’s Creations   at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Tattoo:  Venus – Colorable, RARE – Demonic  at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Piercings: Agelast Piercings – Cute Poison


Hair: DeLa

Skin: Al Vulo

Breast: Lola’s

Feet: Slink

Claws: SpoiledLilBrat

Ears: Mandala

Teeth: DeeTaleZ

Eyes: Nocturnal Couture

Nails: UtopiaH


The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival  (blog)

Feb. 1st – 28th

~ taxi ~

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