HORROR Fest Cometh

 Horrorfest !

Starts: Oct. 18th – Nov. 8th 2013




These Items can be found at the HORRORFEST starting Oct. 18th 2013

Head Piece: Imogens Headpiece – Cool tones – GSpot  at  Horrorfest

Face Tattoo: Cracks Facial Tattoo – White/tintable – Souzou Eien  at  Horrorfest

Choker & Earrings: Death’s Grip Set – ISD  at  Horrorfest

CollarPiece: Decor Collar – Dark Tones  – GSpot  at  Horrorfest

Corset: Kawaii Mesh Corset Cameo -mesh – Faster Pussycat    at  Horrorfest

Chair w/pumpkins:  Nightshade Bench – adorn.mint  at  Horrorfest

Shelf:  Dead Mans Bookshelf  – adorn.mint  at  Horrorfest

End Table: Tiled Autumn Table – Snow – adorn.mint  at  Horrorfest

Eyes: Lotus Eater – Morning Dew – Rue  at  Horrorfest

. other items not at HorrorFest .

Hair:  Lana – Fierce Goth – Underscore

Skin: Coco – Tone 1  – Rehab

Boots: Valkyrie Mesh Boots -white – Ponka

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