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Club Style



Outfit: Club Style Dress w/Hud – mesh – D-Style  at The Risque Business Fair  ~ until June 15th


Hair: Spellbound

Tattoo: Garden of Ku

Hand Tape: Nana

Nails w/rings: UtopiaH

Ears: Mandala

Piercings: Hebenon Vial

Skin: Essences

Phone: tsg  at The Arcade


Risque Business Fashion Fair

May 25th – June 15th  2014


About Purz

Blogger of Second LIfe Fashion. I prefer to blog Urban or Suicide Style items from Second Life. Although I'm not limiting myself to those. You may see a variety of styles. I also enjoy blogging events from Second Life. Its a nice chance to blog a wide range of different creators and check out new products. Hope you enjoy my blog and pictures! Please Like & follow my blog. Thanks!

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